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Louisville to Join Bidding War

Amazon Prime Target

by MIKE HALL, Owner/Broker/Agent

The city of Louisville is set to start bidding for Amazon’s second headquarters to be based here despite the fact that Louisville does not yet meet the very specific qualifications.

These specific qualifications include direct flights, tax incentives, and the local workforce. For example, Louisville does not have direct flights to Seattle or California. That is a big deal for Amazon because Seattle is the location of their current headquarters. In addition, Amazon is looking for a city of more than a million people. While the Metro area could certainly oblige in time it is not there yet. Amazon is also looking for tax breaks and Kentucky lawmakers are having a hard time putting their finger on what those breaks might look like. Because Amazon is looking to develop a workforce of over 50,000 they are also keeping an eye on education. Jefferson county schools have not, historically, performed as well as some other city schools which could be another obstacle for Amazon locating in the Metro area.

There is some speculation that, due to the passage of Kentucky’s recent religious freedom law, Amazon may look at communities that are considered more progressive on social justice and environmental issues. Additionally, Louisville has for years shunned public transportation such as subways and trains that would make navigating the city more convenient and environmentally sound.

All of that being said, Louisville will put in a proposal this month that will most likely mitigate some of these factors through compromise. If Amazon did decide to locate in Louisville it would mean a $5 billion-dollar investment in the local economy and approximately 50,000 new jobs.

Source: The Courier-Journal


Jimmy Can’t Dance

But he can play some jazz

by MIKE HALL, Owner/Agent Broker

Jimmy Can't Dance Louisville

On August 19, 2017 Jimmy Can’t Dance, a new jazz club downtown, opened their doors to the public.

Jimmy Can’t Dance is located in the basement of Another Place Sandwich Shop. This club will feature live jazz music but don’t expect to see much dancing. Jim Goodwin, who inspired the name of the club, couldn’t dance so his son, Brian, knew that’s what he wanted to name the club when he decided to open it in Louisville. Jim died in 2015 and Brian has recently come back to Louisville after living in New York City and Austin.

The establishment will feature professional jazz artists, those who tour, hobbyists and students from the University of Louisville. There will be a selection of craft beer as well as local bourbon. Traditional jazz-age cocktails will be served as well. If you’re looking for a place a little off the beaten path where you can hang out with friends, hear some great music and grab a drink, Jimmy Can’t Dance might be the place for you. This is just another establishment that adds to the character and uniqueness of Louisville as an up-and-coming city.

Source: The Courier-Journal


The Gate Keeper

Saving the Stranded in Crescent Hill

by MIKE HALL Owner/Broker/Agent


If you’ve ever visited Frankfort Avenue, you’ve probably noticed the train tracks that run adjacent to the road. For years those tracks have been a thorn in the side of those who live in Crescent Hill.

But the reason for the rift isn’t what you might expect. The noise isn’t the issue. Nor is the vibration. These are things you expect when you buy a home near the railroad.

The issue has been that the train frequently parks alongside the road cutting residents off from their homes for up to four hours at a time. Planning an entire day around the train schedule is not something that most residents envisioned when they purchased homes in one of the most desirable areas of Louisville.

Fortunately, all of that is about to change. There is a gate that has previously been reserved for the use of emergency vehicles only. However, there will now be residents that are designated key holders. These residents will be able to open and close the gate as needed. So, for example, if the train parks for several hours, a key holder will be able to unlock the gate while the train is parked and then lock it back up as the train departs. Since there will be more than one key holder someone should be available to unlock the gate for their neighbors as needed without too much inconvenience. If you were looking for one more reason to move to Crescent Hill, add good neighbors and increased convenience to your list. Then call a Red Edge agent to set up a showing.



The Corner Store Just got an Upgrade

Hurstbourne and Shelbyville to be Exact

by MIKE HALL, Owner/Agent/Broker

Pineapple at store

If you live in the Hurstbourne area or travel it frequently, you are probably familiar with the office building that towers over the corner of the Hurstbourne parkway and Shelbyville road. That corner is about to get an upgrade.

Behind the office building is a shopping center where ValuMarket, Z’s and Brownies The Shed Bar and Grille are located. A Cincinnati developer has bought the space and plans to demolish it to make room for a new development. The office tower and P.F. Chang’s will remain but the shopping center, purchased for $41 million, will be razed to make room for restaurants, a grocery store, a parking garage, gas stations and a hotel. Since the purchase in October, the buyer has contacted the current tenants to make them aware of the plans.

The owner of Brownies, Jason Brown, says he may try to stay in the new development to keep a presence in the Hurstbourne area, but he has also been researching other potential locations in prime areas of the city. With 12 months to decide, Brown is in no hurry to make plans. The new hotel has not yet been branded but in planning documents is purported to be five stories and 149 rooms. Likewise, the grocery store has not yet been named but is planned as an 80,000-square foot development. As if Hurstbourne area was not attractive enough, the addition of a grocery store will only make the area more attractive to new homeowners that are looking for convenience. If you are considering the area, give a Red Edge agent a call today!


Ohio Valley Allergies and Asthma Got You Down?

City of Louisville planting $400,000 worth of tress to alleviate triggers.

by Mike Hall, Owner/Broker/Agent

Louisville Trees

photo from the Nature Conservancy

If you’re new to Louisville, you might have noticed an increase in your allergies or frequent flare-ups if you suffer from asthma.

AIR Louisville, a collaboration between Propeller Health, Louisville Metro’s Office of Civic Innovation and the Institute for Healthy Air Water and Soil, enrolled more than 1,100 participants in a study to track and manage asthma symptoms. The collected data was then matched to city data on temperature, pollution and other environmental information. The study produced favorable outcomes for participants by allowing more effective management of symptoms resulting in fewer attacks and increased awareness of symptoms.

Based on this data the city plans to make a few changes. The city will reduce pollution by planting approximately $400,000 worth of trees in the metro in the next year. They will also reroute trucks to lower population areas to protect more citizens at risk. In addition, an emphasis will be placed on encouraging residents not to idle cars and to plant more trees on their own property. Taking these steps will help those with asthma, COPD and other respiratory illnesses by increasing air quality for the city.

Source: Insider Louisville


Public Funds for Public Safety

It Takes More than Chump Change to See Change

by Mike Hall, Owner/Broker/Agent

Louisville Metro Police Department Badge

Mayor Greg Fischer recently submitted the proposed budget for approval and one high ticket item for consideration was an increase in funds for public safety.

The total budget was for $839 million with $17 million being directed toward Louisville Metro Police Department. This is a 10.6 percent increase in LMPD’s budget and should lead to an additional 55 positions for the department. This would lead to safer neighborhoods for residents which, aside from being a necessity for quality of life, has the potential to lead to increased business investment and higher property values.

Other items included in the budget dealt with neighborhoods and parks, paving and sidewalks, a new library in the Northeast Jefferson county area, affordable housing and laying fiber for faster Internet connections. The most controversial item in the budget was the fiber network. While council members agreed that the network is necessary, there is some disagreement about the price tag. In order to mitigate the cost the project was split into two phases and passed.

Source: The Courier-Journal


Charter Communications Launching Low-Cost Internet

Lowering your monthly bills

by MIKE HALL, Owner/Broker/Agent

As a homeowner, you're probably always looking for a way to save some money. Unfortunately, utilities occur every month, and they can often be some of your biggest expenses. You can have your electricity provider perform an audit to help save money. You can turn off your faucet while brushing your teeth to save water. When it comes to saving money on an Internet connection, things become more complicated.


Fortunately, Charter Communications is launching a low-cost Internet option for families and seniors. Within Jefferson County this broadband service will cost $14.99 for those who qualify. There will be no additional charge for necessary equipment such as a modem. AT&T currently offers a similar option for $10 a month but speeds are much lower. The Charter Communications option is three times the speed of AT&T’s best option.

Eligible subscribers include families with students who participate in the National School Lunch Program and seniors who are 65 and older who receive Supplemental Security Income program benefits. For more information, visit

Get on your way to saving today, and keep your funds for those summer landscape projects!

Source: The Courier-Journal


A Public Market Comes to Town

In which foodies like me get their food on

by MIKE HALL, Owner/Broker/Agent

open-air market

When you think of open-air markets, you probably think of far-off, exotic locations. Owners of Safai Coffee want to change that. They are planning to bring an open-air public market to Louisville’s Shelby Park and adjoining neighborhoods where Louisvillians can shop for local goods and interact directly with those producing them.

In recent years, public markets have grown in popularity but Louisville has not had one since the early 2000s. Haymarket left a void when it closed in 2004. It had been operating since 1891 and offered city dwellers the opportunity to meet the farmers producing their food and buy directly from them. As the farm-to-table movement continues to grow, and consumers become increasingly concerned about where their food comes from, this model of shopping has grown in popularity across the nation. It seems only natural that a city consumed by food culture, like Louisville, would follow this trend and support a public market.

This is not just another retail location, but an opportunity for the Louisville Metro to come together as a community for healthier living.

Source: The Courier-Journal


Menard's is Coming to Town

It’s like Santa but for grownups

by MIKE HALL, Owner/Broker/Agent

Menard's Louisville

Soon you’ll have more options for home improvement in Louisville. Currently the market includes Lowe’s, Home Depot and several local options but the landscape is about to change. Menard’s, based out of Wisconsin, plans to open a new store just off Preston Highway.

Currently Louisville residents must drive to Jeffersonville, Ind. to visit the nearest Menard’s but this new location will save Kentucky residents a toll while also redirecting sales tax revenue to Kentucky and the city of Louisville. In addition, this new location will be more convenient for Louisville homeowners as Preston Highway is centrally located though this development will be on the southern end of Jefferson County. Menard’s is a big box store and this development will encompass several other retailers though no official announcements have been made. Menard’s carries all things related to home building and remodeling and will have an outdoor lumberyard as well as landscaping materials. Look for construction to begin on the development in fall of this year with plans to open for business in 2019.

Source: The Courier Journal


Louisville Has Connections: Google is Coming to Town

This Fiber is Brain Food

by MIKE HALL, Owner/Broker/Agent

google coming to Louisville

Louisville has been getting a lot of press across the nation as an up-and-coming city. There is a happening food scene, population growth, new industry — and now Google is setting up shop by building a Google Fiber network in Jefferson county.

Google Fiber provides a faster Internet connection with speeds up to 1,000 megabits per second; 20 times faster than the currently available connections in the area. This faster speed will open the door for tech companies to set up shop in Louisville, meaning more jobs in the area that appeal to a younger population which heightens Louisville’s reputation as a growth center. Fiber will also mean more options for homeowners as it can provide a connection for television as well possibly impacting current Internet and television providers in the area.

Google’s interest in Louisville further confirms that the city is on a trajectory for growth and improvement. This is good news for property owners in the area. If you do not yet own property in the Louisville Metro area, now would be a good time to enter the market. You can reach out to an agent and get in on the upswing. Dates for construction and implementation of Google Fiber have not yet been announced.


Source: The Courier Journal


Find Your Dream Home Before It’s Gone

6 tips for keeping your cool when the market’s hot

by MIKE HALL, Owner/ Broker/ Agent

That refresh button is a favorite among Louisville home buyers during selling season. But when the market's hot, waiting for the perfect home to pop up on Zillow often means it’s too late. You’ll need a strategy to hook your dream home before it’s under contract. Make a game plan, and ease your worries with these secrets from the pros.

  1. Establish a budget. Simple online tools like this one will help you decide what you can afford. Making a budget and sticking to it will simplify your Louisville home buying process and reduce stress in the long run.

  2. Play detective. Know the neighborhood? Want a particular floor plan? Ask questions and get answers. Hone your Louisville home search before you’ve even been to a showing.

  3. Get pre-approved. Begin the pre-approval process with your lender so you’ll be ready when your dream home comes along. Not to mention, this simple tool packs some bargaining power when you’ve got competition on your offer. Remember, pre-approvals often only last for 60-90 days.

  4. Have the right team in place before selling season. Even before you’ve found the home you love, talk to a knowledgeable Louisville agent who can customize your search. Say goodbye to hunting down a home; a tailored list of Louisville homes will land right in your inbox daily.

  5. Hire an agent who knows your area. A qualified agent can act quickly because he or she knows price ranges, neighborhoods and selling trends in your search area. With a little networking, agents can even get the scoop on properties that haven’t yet hit the market.

  6. Get your ducks in a row. When the market’s hot, you’ll need to be prepared to fall in love quickly. Whether it's listing your current home or lining up lending, you’ll want to be ready to make an offer when the right home comes along.


Experience Derby’s Finest

To the tune of $100,000
by MIKE HALL, Owner/ Broker/ Agent

Love may not cost a thing, but the Louisville Derby sure does! And the Louisville Marriott Downtown knows a few who are willing to pay it.

For a cool $100,000, you can enjoy the ultimate Derby experience with a custom weekend package flowing with Dom Perignon champagnes and Pappy Van Winkle bourbons in the elegance of the Louisville Marriott Downtown’s 14th floor presidential suite. Offering two seats in the exclusive turf club for the Kentucky Oaks and the Kentucky Derby, security detail, private transportation, a custom Derby hat, and a personal hair stylist this luxurious Louisville package may just be worth the price.


Louisville Fixer Upper: Fit or Flop?

Ask the right questions before biting the bullet.

by MIKE HALL, Owner/ Broker/ Agent

Louisville Fixer Upper

Louisville homes are a hot commodity these days. While Louisville waits for sellers to list their homes, hungry buyers are left to consider fixer uppers. The following list will help you evaluate whether or not all that elbow grease is really worth it.

Does the selling price account for how much work needs to be done? How tricked out are the homes in the neighborhood? Are they priced similarly? Louisville neighborhood comps are a window into just how much you should be paying. One of our agents would be happy to help you determine the price point.

When you love the bones of the home, it’s easier to imagine it with upgrades. Can you picture this room after you take out that wall? Can you see past the ugly kitchen into your custom chef’s haven?

What would it take to make this house move-in ready? Does it need a little TLC or a full renovation? The home’s price plus the cost of renovation should put you near neighborhood values.

Fixer uppers require flexibility. Can you handle a renovation? Do you want to? Do you plan to live in the house while you renovate? Be honest with yourself about what you can manage.

Purchasing a Louisville fixer upper is a big decision, but you don’t have to do it alone. Contact Red Edge Realty to help run the comps and evaluate the market. We can even recommend a few contractors. Let Red Edge help you find your perfect fit.


Louisville Ranks Among the Top

And the locals already know why

by MIKE HALL, Owner/ Broker/ Agent


Louisville ranked 43rd of the best 100 places to live by U.S. News and World Report. Up from No. 45 last year, Louisville’s low commute time (23.7 minutes), great home values, and low unemployment rate (4.4 percent) sealed its ranking near the top.

Mild seasonal temperatures make Louisville’s attractions even more appealing. No secret to the locals, standouts were Louisville’s art scene, NCAA sporting attractions, and an emphasis on unique local industries including everyone’s favorite — bourbon.



Charm Your Louisville Valentine

Louisville has more romantic spots than just sending standard roses

by MIKE HALL, Owner/ Broker/ Agent

Louisville Valentine

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is on its way. Looking for the perfect setting in Louisville? Reserve your spot today for the perfect romantic date for ultimate bonus points.

A Therapeutic Touch
Starting at $160 an hour, a couples massages may be a soothing way to surprise your date. Can’t swing an hour? Surprise her at lunch with a 30-minute appointment. Arrange for an at-home appointment or visit the locations on Brownsboro or Shelbyville Road in Louisville.

Rated by Food Network as one of the top 25 steaks in America, LeMoo in Louisville will exceed your expectations. With so much more than steak, LeMoo offers an ambiance that will set your evening on course.

Bernheim Forest
Surprise your date with a candlelit dinner and winter stroll through Bernheim Forest just outside of Louisville. Reserve your spot today; space is limited. Bernheim Members: $120 per couple; non-members: $150 per couple.

21c Hotel 
Between luxurious bathrobes, a bottle of bubbly, a table at Proof on Main and a rose petal turndown, get ready to turn it up. Book your romantic getaway right here in Louisville.


To Build or to Buy in Louisville

That is the question for Louisvile buyers

by MIKE HALL, Owner/Broker/Agent

Build or Buy Louisville

So you’re rolling around the idea of buying a house in Louisville. With all the beautiful new neighborhoods popping up around Louisville, you have to wonder: buy or build?

Fleshing out your expectations starts long before your Louisville-area home search, and HGTV’s article on buying vs. building has just what you need to weigh the options. Preferences often arise when we see something we don’t like, but we can sort through a few options to get you headed toward your dream home in Louisville. Whether you’re building or buying, give me a call; I’m happy to help.


Guy Fieri Comes to Louisville

The food scene in Louisville is ever growing

by MIKE HALL Owner/Agent/Broker

Guy Fieri Smokhouse Louisville

Photo credit: Louisville Business First

Guy Fieri is a well-known restaurateur and Food Network star. As the host for Food Network shows such as Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Guy’s Big Bite, Guy’s Grocery Games and co-host on Celebrity Cook-Off, his plate is always full.

If you didn’t notice, Instagram, Facebook and newspapers alerted Louisville that he was in the area a couple weekends ago for the opening of his first and only restaurant on 4th Street Live, Guy Fieri’s Smokehouse. Check it out if you’re into Camaro's, red-flame style, Ve-gas, smoked meat and fried foods.

Inside word has it though that Guy was double dipping by also filming local restaurants around town to debut in an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Keep your eyes peeled and ears open for release of the airing date!


House Plants: More Than You Think

Study finds that being surrounded by plants might make you smarter.

by MIKE HALL, Owner/Broker/Agent

Houseplants for Louisville home

I read in a study that houseplants may help improve attention span and concentration. Due to the clean air that houseplants provide, fresh oxygen is absorbed by your brain, thus improving the length of your cognitive thought. They do more than just look nice; they literally freshen your space and mind.

If you don’t want plants all over the house for some reason, at least add a few to your home and work office. Most are low maintenance needing only a small drink of water once a week, and indirect sunlight. If you happen to have an office with a view of nature from your window, know you’re scoring a few intellectual points from being surrounded by the nature outside as well.


September Interior Design in Louisville

Vintage rugs on trend in 2016

 by MIKE HALL, Owner/Broker/Agent

Louisville September 2016 Design Trends Vintage Rug

After researching the latest on interior design, I’ve noticed a definite trend. But, the reason I am mentioning this trend is because I think it happens to be less trendy and quite timeless. I’ve mentioned oriental/ Persian and Turkish rugs in previous blog posts.

The unlikely trendiness about these timeless rugs are the placement: in the bathroom and the kitchen. While you would normally keep these gems in the dinning room, living room or entrance, they make for a beautiful accent in a simply designed, neutral kitchen and bathroom. Add a few of these pieces around your home to spruce up the space exponentially, or, move that vintage runner to a spot in the kitchen and see what you think!


Home Security Systems can be DIY

DIY iPhone security synced system is affordable.

by MIKE HALL Owner/Broker/Agent

iPhone home security system

I recently came across an article which struck my interest, and I think will interest many of my tech-savvy, Louisville homeowners as well. While I know many of you would rather pay a little extra to go the “install it for me” route, those of you who enjoy DIY home projects might have a new weekend tech project up your sleeve.

As far as video security systems go, this seems to be the cheapest and most conveniently accessible option. For just under $200 you could have a video stream of your home accessible from your iPhone. Pretty user-friendly, huh? With the option of adding cameras as you go, you can start with a couple in high-traffic areas, and save up for more to install later. There are also no monthly fees which anyone can appreciate.

So whether you want to survey your home while on a week-long trip, check up on any pets during your work day, or catching your teenagers contemplating a party while you and the spouse have a weekend getaway, this extra amenity will give you relief.  

Happy installation!

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