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Find your green thumb with local nurseries and garden centers.

Green Thumb or Just All Thumbs

by MIKE HALL, Owner/Agent/Broker

Girl in garden

The first day of spring was March 19. However, it’s always a guessing game in the Ohio River Valley of when the last frost will occur and when it’s safe to plant your flowers in the spring.

Some gardeners suggest planting after mid-April, while others have pointed to having snow as late as Derby day and suggesting May to plant. Whatever time you decide to plant your spring flowers and vegetables, check out these local nurseries and garden centers for all your gardening needs.

Many offer consulting services, as well. So, if you need some help to landscape your yard for curb appeal, ask the experts.


10 Tips for Summer Sun, Fun and Safety in Louisville

Don't let your fun come to an end

by MIKE HALL, Owner/Agent/Broker

boy playing in sprinkler

The summer solstice on June 21 kicks off the summer season - a season of sun, humidity, pools, grilling, and outdoor fun.

With fun comes potential danger. Keep these safety tips in mind.

  1. Wear safety equipment, such as helmets and life jackets, when participating in recreational activities like bicycling around the Parklands and boating at Taylorsville Lake.
  2. Use sunscreen. Even on overcast days, that Kentucky sun can give you quite a burn. The more sunburns, the higher the risk of getting skin cancer.
  3. Don’t leave your child or pet in the car. An outside temperature of 90° F can reach almost 110° F in 10 minutes. Check your car’s back seat every time if you have children or routinely take your pet with you.
  4. Drink plenty of water and take plenty of breaks when out in the sun. Stay in the shade and wear light-colored breathable fabrics to help prevent heat exhaustion and heat stroke.
  5. Prevent vehicle accidents. Check your tire pressure to keep prevent a blowout. Watch for children playing in yards and driveways that may dart out behind or in front of your car.
  6. Use bug spray. Mosquitos and ticks can carry dangerous diseases, such as Lyme and West Nile. Spray your yard to protect from pests – we recommend Mosquito Joe – and don’t allow water to stand.
  7. Be smart about food. Grilling and eating outside can be fun, but make sure foods are kept at appropriate temps to prevent bacteria from growing. Food-borne illness is dangerous and miserable.
  8. Stay safe around a pool. Even a child pool with a few inches of water can be deadly. Many of our clients have pools in their backyards.
  9. Get your HVAC cleaned and checked and regularly replace your air filter.
  10. Test your fire extinguisher and keep it or a bucket of water around when grilling, relaxing around a fire pit or bonfire, and setting off fireworks.

Marching in Like a Lion

Severe weather can bring unwanted home repairs

by MIKE HALL, Owner, Broker and Agent

man on repairing home roof

Spring in Kentuckiana brings varied weather. One day it’s a sunny 75 and the next it’s 32 and snowing. Spring can also be a time of flooding or high winds in and around Louisville.

These weather events can cause damage to your Louisville home. Take these measures to help safeguard your investment.

  • Inspect your roof. Hire a roof to inspect your roof and look for any loose shingles or leaks. A proper inspection should look at the attic, perimeter, and rooftop and should identify any cracks, curled or missing shingles, and issues with flashing.
  • Clean your gutters. Gutters cluttered with leaves and debris can cause water to seep into your home or create ice dams when water freezes. Get them cleaned at least yearly, or more often if you have a lot of trees nearby.
  • Inspect your trees. Check your trees for broken, but not fallen limbs. Hire an arborist to check the health of your trees if you suspect. Prune limbs that may be too close to your home and could break a window during high wind gusts.
  • Seal up leaks. Check your basement, windows, soffits and doors for any leaks and seal them to prevent water from entering. Check to make sure your sump pump is in working order.

Make sure you have the right amount of insurance to cover any problems that may arise. Does it cover replacement or actual value cost? Does it cover your possessions? Does it cover floods, hail, wind, or water/sewer pipe damage? Does it cover additional living expenses if you are displaced from your home due to a fire or tornado?

Call your Red Edge agent for referrals.


Home is Where the Heart is

February—the month of love.

By MIKE HALL, Real Estate Agent & Broker

Home Sweet Home

February 14, Valentine’s Day, is the day to celebrate love. Whether it’s the love of a partner, a friend, or a pet, spend the day or all month-long celebrating that love. Here are some ideas to spend time at home filling it with love.

  • Read a book. Curl up in your favorite chair or in your bed and read the latest bestseller, whether a romance novel or murder mystery.
  • Paint an accent wall a bold red. Add some interest to a neutral room with a splash of color by painting an accent wall or adding décor such as pillows, flowers, or wall art.
  • Plan a romantic dinner. Instead of going out with your loved one, order in or spend time cooking a meal together.
  • Decorate with things you love. Have a collection of “I Love Lucy” memorabilia or a practical library of books. Make room in your home to display the things you love.
  • Game or movie night. Invite your friends over for a night of fun board games or movie marathon.
  • Dance and sing. Blast your favorite music and dance and sing even if it’s doing mundane chores.
  • Have a playdate. Have a super social pet that has a best buddy at the dog park? Invite them over for a playdate with your pupper.
  • Host a sleepover for your child and their friends. Make pizza and cookies. Play some video games or movies and enjoy the house filled with laughter.
  • Eagles or Chiefs. Invite your friends, enjoy some wings and cheer on your favorite team.
  • Spend time with those you love in a home you love.

If you’re in the market for your dream home to make all these loving memories, reach out to a Red Edge agent today.


New Hope for Abandoned Louisville Houses

New Kentucky Law Helps Revive the City

By Mike Hall, Broker/Agent/Owner

Abandoned Home

Soon, more homes could be available for home buyers!

As Louisville home buyers continue to struggle with low inventory and intense competition, every house matters! Currently, the city maintains more than a thousand abandoned properties, including houses and lots of land. It often takes months or years to convert the properties to the market.

But a new Kentucky law might help move those properties along faster.

The new law allows cities to establish third-party conservators, who can refurbish and renovate abandoned properties. The conservators would establish a plan, create a timeline, acquire the necessary funding, and submit their plan for approval.

The conservatorship program is another tool for cities to use to help ease their housing burdens. Louisville’s Office of Housing and Development will only use conservators occasionally, primarily focusing on historic buildings that might have to undergo emergency demolition if repairs aren’t seen to quickly.

Louisville is hoping to pilot the program with one house and one conservator. With this program and other tools, Louisville hopes to shorten the amount of time an abandoned or vacant property sits empty and get more homes onto the market and into the hands of invested homeowners.




Home-Owner Assistance for Kentucky Residents

Relief for Homeowners Affected by Covid

By Mike Hall, Broker/Agent/Owner

woman with mask, worried

Help is available for qualifying homeowners

In collaboration with the Kentucky Housing Corporation, the state is providing relief for Kentucky homeowners impacted by loss of jobs or income because of the ongoing Covid pandemic.

Qualified homeowners can apply on Kentucky’s state website to receive up to $35,000 in relief funds, which can be used for overdue mortgage payments, property taxes, home and flood insurance, neighborhood fees, or utilities, according to a WDRB report.

During a season when our homes became even more important – often serving as our office, school, gym, and refuge while uncertainty ruled outside, it’s vitally important that now those who need relief to save their homes can do so.

Applicants must be able to document financial hardship and proof of residency and income. Find details at


Make the Most of Your Winter Months

January Landscaping

By Mike Hall, Broker/Agent/Owner

Winter Scene

January is a time to plan, prepare, and protect!

Is the dawning of a new year making you think about your hopes and plans for your home, including your landscaping? You don’t have to wait. There is plenty to do now as you get ready for the new spring buds!

  • Plan and buy seeds – January is a great time think about what plants you might like to incorporate into your landscaping over the year, especially if you’ll be buying seeds from a catalog. Start dreaming and then act!
  • Use moderate weather days to clean out trees, shrubs, and bushes now that you can see more clearly between branches and at the trunks.
  • Add burlap, live Christmas tree branches, or other natural insulation to protect your perennials.
  • Check your bulbs and other plants that you brought in for the winter months and remove any rotting bulbs and withered limbs.
  • Prune dormant trees and bushes.
  • Check your garden for uprooted plants.

Spring will be coming just around the corner, so take advantage of these barren months to really get ready for the blooms and color coming. Whether you’re enjoying your newly purchased dream home or preparing to sell in the spring, take care of some of the outside elements even when it’s the dead of winter.




Volunteers Clean Up Old Louisville’s Central Park

Central Park Refresh

By Mike Hall, Broker/Agent/Owner

Seedling growing

Central Park in Old Louisville received a cleanup!

Louisville is a great place to live, with an endless variety of restaurants, events, schools, businesses, and parks. For Louisville residents and guests, Central Park in historic Old Louisville is a popular location for special events, social gatherings, family adventures, and solo wandering.

Central Park is even more ready for guests now that a group of almost 75 volunteers did a park cleanup! The team tackled projects that city teams rarely have the time capacities to maintain, including fixing sidewalks, laying mulch, and a variety of other clean-up and repair projects.

A cleaner, fresher park wasn’t their only reward! Louisville volunteers who helped at Central Park also got to warm up with coffee, hot chocolate, and donuts, plus enjoy chili or pizza to celebrate a job well done.

Central Park is one of Louisville’s 120 parks—beautiful and enticing spaces to love living and working in Louisville, Ky.!



Homeorama is an Annual Tradition in the Geothermal Louisville Community

Norton Commons Homeorama Explores Beautiful Properties

By Mike Hall, Broker/Agent/Owner

Norton Commons Sign

The housing market in Louisville and its surrounding areas continues to be competitive, with an ongoing shortage of available houses and a steady stream of home buyers looking to find their dream house.

Some areas of the city, like Norton Commons, are in constant demand. Norton Commons sits on almost 600 acres and is currently home to more than 1,800 residences, more than 80 businesses, three schools, and dozens of parks, pools and green spaces.

Norton Commons has been designed and specifically engineered to reduce the need to drive by having everything nearby and to save the community on monthly utilities by providing geothermal heating.

In September, Norton Commons held its annual Homeorama, which provided sneak peeks at nine houses in the community—exhibiting everything from efficiency, custom architecture, and beautiful interior designs. There were also special events and attractions.

If you’re hoping to buy or sell a house in Norton Commons, or any of the great neighborhoods and communities in Louisville, contact an agent today and we’ll be happy to help you navigate this complex housing market!



New School Coming to SW Louisville

Brand new building will replace two elementary schools

By Mike Hall, Broker/Agent/OwnerSchool picture

Better schools, better communities!

The quality of a nearby education ranks at the top of many priorities people consider when buying a new house. School clusters that can offer safety, innovation, and an academic edge are highly prized.

Homeowners and potential buyers will certainly be interested in the Southwest area of Louisville, where an 82,532-square foot, $17 million school is being constructed this year. 

The new elementary school will replace the current Wilkerson Elementary School and Watson Lane Elementary School. The state-of-the-art school will feature two stories of classrooms, art, computer and media rooms, and collaborative learning spaces. It will also utilize energy efficient systems for windows, lighting, and plumbing and geothermal heating and cooling.

The community near the new school is certain to benefit from the new facility, with a school they can proudly send their children to.

The new elementary school is expected to be ready in August of 2022. Talk to an agent today if you’re looking to buy or sell a home in this exciting area of Louisville!




New Restaurants to Try in Louisville

5 Louisville Locals to Try Out this Summer!

By Mike Hall, Broker/Agent/Owner

Restaurant scene

Time to try some new local restaurants!

Whether you’re on the hunt for your next home or you’re taking some time away so potential buyers can tour your house for sale, a bite to eat is always a good idea. Old favorite restaurants are open for business again, and new local restaurants are even starting to pop up! Here are five newest eateries that make Louisville a great place to live!

1.     Fleur de Tea10704 Meeting Street, Suite 101, Prospect, KY

Find more than five dozen options for your next tea fix! There’s nothing like a good cup of tea and a delicious pastry or treat.

2.     Georgia’s Sweet Potato Pie Company1559 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY

Sweet potato pie, sweet potato cheesecake, sweet potato cookies, even sweet potato ice cream sandwiches! There are also a variety of fragrant sprays, candles, and wax melts to bring that home-cooked smell into your house.

3.     Pizzaville2901 Goose Creek Road, Suite 103, Louisville, KY

The pizzas are delicious and creative, and the Pizzaville Sluggers (breadsticks) will knock your socks off. Are you ready for a Louisville pizza that’s been 17 years in the making?

4.     The Salad Chic 428 W. Market Street, Louisville, KY

At the Salad Chic, it’s all about healthy options! Each salad is custom built, with plenty of toppings and tastes for every type.

5.     The Seafood Lady601 E. Jefferson Street, Louisville KY 40202

At the newest location for The Seafood Lady, customers should expect bold décor and a full bar, in addition to the delicious Florida-style seafood they’ve come to love. 



Louisville’s First Dog Park Bar

Where pups and people can have a good time!

By Mike Hall, Broker/Agent/Owner

girl with dog at bar

Another great reason to live in Louisville!

There is great news this month for dog lovers around Louisville! The city’s first ever dog park bar is opening in the Highlands neighborhood, at 800 Baxter Avenue. Louisville has bars where adults can mingle, and it has dog parks where pups can make friends. PB & J’s Dog Park Bar will be the best of both options.

The location will offer a full-service bar and coffee at its indoor/outdoor facility, and dogs will be allowed to be leash free. Though anyone who loves dogs is welcome to visit, there is a fee and paperwork required for the pooches. Owners will need to validate vaccine information and provide some up-to-date veterinary records.

The dog park bar owners are committed to providing a great experience for dog-lovers and their four-legged friends in the Highlands. They’re also supporting the rescue efforts of several organizations with every dollar they earn. It’s a win for you, your pooch, and dogs all over the community!

The Highlands is an ideal neighborhood for this pupperiffic place. There are about 4,000 dogs in the ZIP code. If you’re looking for a dream home for you AND your canine companion, an agent would love to talk with you about properties available in this dog-friendly community!




Better Wifi for Your Family

Optimize your Internet as kids go back to school

By Mike Hall, Broker/Agent/Owner

Wifi and family

As your family shares Wifi, learn some tips for helping to optimize the load.

Usually home-buyers with kids are looking into the best school districts and family-friendly neighborhoods. While that’s still certainly true, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought in additional concerns. As many adults are still working remotely and JCPS students are preparing to begin the school year from a distance, the best Wifi options are also playing a role!

While one of our agents can certainly help you find the neighborhood that’s a perfect fit for your family and help you find the house you’ve been dreaming of, you can also follow these tips for optimizing your Wifi, so that it’s most accommodating for your whole family!

  • Optimize the placement of your router
  • Invest in a booster antenna
  • Update your firmware using an ethernet cable
  • Look into powerline adaptors
  • Add an extender to trickier rooms
  • Upgrade your router




Tips for finding a great school in Louisville!

How to find the right house and the right school for your family

By Mike Hall, Broker/Agent/Owner

Picking a school in Louisville

Choosing a school is a major factor in finding the right house!

Whenever you’re looking for the perfect house for you and your family, finding the right school is a major factor in the process. Even the most amazing house won’t be perfect for your family if the local schools won’t meet your needs.

Here are some tips for finding the total package. And when you’re ready to get started, talk with a Red Edge agent today about how we can help you find your next home in the Louisville area!

  1. Understand the system. Each city – Jefferson County included – has different systems for what neighborhoods go to which schools. A school directly across the street from a house you love will not automatically be the school your kids would attend. Make sure you check school district maps and do your best to understand where you really want to be.
  2. Ask around! If you have friends, family, or co-workers in the area, ask them what schools they loved and why. Use your network to help identify some schools worth looking into further.
  3. Visit the schools. After you have narrowed your search down to a few choice schools, find an opportunity to visit those schools and neighborhoods in person. It’s one thing on paper, but you might get a whole different feeling when you’re actually there.
  4. Be prepared to adjust. As with all house-searching, you will need to prioritize what you are looking for. You’ll have to find that balance between what you need in the school, what you want included in your home, how long of a commute you might need to expect on a daily basis, and what your financial situation requires. It’s a tricky balance, but you can do it!



Louisville’s Best Neighborhoods for Home Buyers

Ready to buy your first home? We’d love to help.

By Mike Hall, Broker/Agent/Owner


Louisville has the perfect neighborhood for you!

When you’re ready to buy your first home in Louisville, one of the biggest questions you’ll ask is, “What neighborhoods are best?”

Louisville is a diverse city with great options for every lifestyle, from the urban professional to the farm-loving family. And everything in-between! It all depends on what you’re looking for! Great schools? We’ve got that. Access to local restaurants or nightlife? We have that too!

Parks, transportation, events, shopping, churches, coffee shops, recreation, and local treasures, too! Whatever you’re looking for, we’re sure an agent can help you find your dream home in or around Louisville.

Here’s just one list for you to consider from Niche of some of Louisville’s hottest neighborhoods based on schools, safety, and access to local amenities:

  • Gardiner Lane
  • Hawthorne
  • Belknap
  • Cherokee Gardens
  • Rockcreek Lexington Road
  • Highland Douglass
  • Cherokee Seneca
  • Schnitzelburg
  • Hayfield Dundee
  • Audubon
  • Deer Park
  • Avondale Melbourne Heights
  • Germantown
  • Tyler Park
  • Clifton



Louisville’s Public Pools

For all your summer water fun!

By Mike Hall, Broker/Agent/Owner


Cool down this summer in one of Louisville’s public pools.

It’s looking like it’s going to be a HOT summer. Did you know Louisville has four public pools (and more than 30 splash areas!) where your family can cool down? Pools will be open through August 4, and you can buy single admission or season passes at the Aquatics Office of the Mary T. Meagher Aquatic Center. Check out this useful map for pools and splash areas. Just another great reason why living in Louisville is the best!

Algonquin Park
1614 Cypress Street, 40210
Open Daily: 11am -4pm • Closed Tuesdays

Fairdale (Nelson Hornbeck Park)  
709 Fairdale Road, 40118
Open Daily: 1pm - 6pm • Closed Mondays

Norton (Camp Taylor Memorial Park) 
4201 Lee Avenue, 40213
Open Daily: 11am.- 4pm • Closed Thursdays

Sun Valley Park
6506 Bethany Lane, 40272
Open Daily: 1pm - 6 p.m. • Closed Wednesdays


Farmers’ Markets: Serving Louisville’s Families

Come Find Fresh, Locally Sourced Produce, Eggs, Honey, and More!

By Mike Hall, Broker/Agent/Owner

Farmer's Market

Check out a local farmer’s market for Kentuckiana fruits, veggies, and other treats.

If your allergies are any indication, the Ohio River Valley is alive and thriving. A much sweeter hint is the arrival of local farmers’ markets around town. There are more than a dozen neighborhood open-air markets that are setting up for the season, bringing their fresh produce, free-range eggs, localized honey, and more natural treasures to local families on the hunt for quality goods.

Take pride in the talented and hard-working Kentuckiana farmers and specialists by finding a market near you. You can support local agricultural while searching for the perfect foods to round out your weekly meal plans. With markets from NuLu to J-town, Bardstown to 4th Street, Westport to New Albany, you’re bound to find one near your neighborhood. You can find local listings online or in several media outlets.

Farmers’ Markets are an area treasure, where community, enterprise, excellence, and ambition collide in the best possible ways. Take advantage of one of these markets with your neighbors, family, friends, or as a solo getaway into a simple wonderland.


New Restaurants by Area of Louisville

Because Louisville is a great place to eat – and live!

By Mike Hall, Broker/Agent/Owner

Find a brand new Louisville-area restaurant to try near you!

Find a brand new Louisville-area restaurant to try near you!

Louisville is a thriving foodie town, full of delicious restaurants and venues, from food trucks to fine dining! Already in 2018, numerous new restaurants have sprung up around the greater Louisville area. Here are some of the options you can check out when you’re ready to try something new!

  1. American Stakehouse Stadium – 5580 Highway 62, Jeffersonville
  2. Bob’s Steakhouse & Chop House – 400 S. Second Street
  3. Daddy Rich’s – 617 Oak Street
  4. Falls City Brewing Co. – 901 E. Liberty Street
  5. Hell or Highwater – 112 W. Washington Street
  6. Highway 31 Diner and Dive – 8610 Dixie Highway
  7. Joe’s Older Than Dirt – 8131 New La Grange Road, Lyndon
  8. Le Petit Café – 1325 Bardstown Road
  9. The Limbo – 411 W. Chestnut Street
  10. Lueberry Acai & Superfoods – 808 E. Market Street
  11. Neighborhood Services – 400 S. Second Street
  12. No Baked Cookie Dough – 805 Blakenbaker Parkway
  13. North Lime Coffee & Donuts – 1228 S. Sevenths Street
  14. Odeon – 1335 Story Avenue
  15. Porch Kitchen & Bar – 280 W. Jefferson Street
  16. Quills/Steel City Pops – St. Matthews Avenue
  17. Ramen Inochi – 2009 Highland Avenue
  18. Rawnaissance – 1759 Bardstown Road
  19. Roadrunner Kitchen – 145 E. Main Street, New Albany
  20. Whiskey Dry – 412 S. Fourth Street

[Source: The Courier Journal]


Entrepreneurs Find Community, Inspiration in Norton Commons

Norton Commons continues to draw small-business owners and their families.

By Mike Hall, Broker/Agent/Owner

Norton Commons fountain

Norton Commons is a great place for businesses and families.

Insider Louisville recently did a feature about several small-business owners in Norton Commons. Many Norton Commons residents are discovering that they can live, work, dine, entertain, and find true community in Kentucky’s only “Traditional Neighborhood Development.”

These planned neighborhoods create spaces for commercial, residential, recreational, and educational environments all within walking distance. And for the residents of Norton Commons, their little neighborhood is filling all their needs.

Many residents in the feature had lived in Norton Commons for awhile before they decided to build a small business there. Once they were in the community - embracing the lifestyle that it offers - they were hooked and found Norton Commons to be the best place for their business, too.

Norton Commons currently has more than 1,000 residences and 60 businesses, plus three schools and dozens of recreational areas.

If you’re looking to move into Norton Commons, talk to an agent today. Houses in this idealic area go fast, so we’d love to help you find the Norton Commons home of your dreams.

[Source: Insider Louisville]


Louisville Homeowners Saw Profits using Airbnb

2017 brought in $10 million for Louisville Airbnb hosts

By Mike Hall, Broker/Agent/Owner

house in grass

Airbnb continues to grow in popularity for Louisville’s home hosts.

Airbnb, an online platform for renting houses or rooms short-term, continues to grow in popularity, and this is great news for homeowners who host in Louisville. In 2017, more than 78,000 guests came to Louisville – which was greater than other Kentucky cities. Total, these rentals brought $10 million in 2017, compared to about $6 million in 2016.

To include your home or rental property in 2018 on Airbnb or other vacation rental sites, you can get a permit through the city.

But vacation rentals aren’t for everyone. Certain sub-cities within Louisville have internal regulations against using property as a vacation rental. If your property is in Anchorage, Douglass Hills, Graymoor-Devondale, Hurstbourne, Indian Hills, Jeffersontown, Lyndon, Middletown, Prospect, Shively, St. Matthews and St. Regis Park, you cannot list your house.

[Source: Insider Louisville]

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