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Louisville: Are sales up or down?

What the overlapping trends mean.

By: MIKE HALL, Owner/Broker, Agent

This year, I've read many articles stating that the Louisville market is great - sales are up! People are buying! Then all if a sudden, I read that the market is low on actual homes for sale, which doesn't seem to go along with the latter, or sound so positive.

So how does this work- what do these seemingly conflicting points mean exactly?

With few homes to choose from, the prices become more competitive. When no one else in your neighborhood has a home for sale, your price point suddenly sets a nervous twinge to buyers wanting to start a life in that particular area.

It might be a great time to put your home on the market, but maybe more difficult to buy at a good price point. That is, unless you have a trusty real estate agent by your side. If you have someone who really know what they're doing, and how the market is fluctuating, you will rest assured you are getting a solid deal. I would not go home buying alone, especially with the current competitive market. Vise versa, if looking to sell, make sure you're getting your money's worth with a second, educated opinion.

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