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Make your Louisville Home More Inviting

Purify your home to spread good energy

by MIKE HALL Owner/Broker/Agent

Try a few of these natural steps to share a welcoming, positive vibe for you and your guests.

Warm Himalayan salt rocks by the light bulb of a lamp, or tea light holder in every room. When warmed, these crystals have been proven to release negatively charged ions, which are the same ions released after a thunderstorm, and by waterfalls. Himalayan salt rocks are very good for sitting by electronic devices such as your TV, and in helping mental clarity and alertness.

Keep house plants around. These guys are low maintenance as they need a little drink of water about once a week, and low sunlight. Sitting by a window will keep them happy, as well as yourself, as they release clean oxygen into your environment while absorbing CO2 emissions. Pure air is better than polluted air.

Keep bright, overhead lights to a minimum, as it can cause headaches and eye strain. Natural light flooding in from the windows is ideal during the day. Lower, mood lighting provides a cozier atmosphere.

Burn dried sage, which is called “smudging”. This is done to purify the home of negativity, often practiced in blessing completely new homes, or just lifting the energy. While commercialized as being coined by Native Americans, smudging has been practiced around the world for centuries. You can carry the burning sage to each corner of a room, or simply let it sit, moving to each room of your home. While some do not like the acrid smell of sage, plan on doing this a few hours before house guests arrive.

For a natural fragrance, diffuse essential oils. Mini humidifiers made specifically for dispersing essential oils are becoming more common in grocery stores. Relaxing, welcoming aromas include lavender and jasmine, while lemon and tea tree will help eliminate any germs floating around.

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