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Louisville: Are sales up or down?

What the overlapping trends mean.

By: MIKE HALL, Owner/Broker, Agent

This year, I've read many articles stating that the Louisville market is great - sales are up! People are buying! Then all if a sudden, I read that the market is low on actual homes for sale, which doesn't seem to go along with the latter, or sound so positive.

So how does this work- what do these seemingly conflicting points mean exactly?

With few homes to choose from, the prices become more competitive. When no one else in your neighborhood has a home for sale, your price point suddenly sets a nervous twinge to buyers wanting to start a life in that particular area.

It might be a great time to put your home on the market, but maybe more difficult to buy at a good price point. That is, unless you have a trusty real estate agent by your side. If you have someone who really know what they're doing, and how the market is fluctuating, you will rest assured you are getting a solid deal. I would not go home buying alone, especially with the current competitive market. Vise versa, if looking to sell, make sure you're getting your money's worth with a second, educated opinion.


Timeless Style for the Home

Smart decorating tips to save money in the long run

by MIKE HALL Broker/Owner/Agent

As most of us can't afford to redecorate our homes over and over again, smart decorating decisions save anyone money in the long run. Whether your personal style is modern, victorian, or farmhouse, the key is keeping your choices timeless.

When buying furniture, try to envision it in your life 30 years from now. Stick with versatile, quality pieces that you may splurge on now, but never need to replace. Keeping off-trend with your bigger home buys will save you money in the long run.

As far as flooring redo's, save yourself and skip the carpet all together. When it comes to resale, you are seeing more and more homebuyers turned away from the bacteria-clinging cover, and looking for wood and tile throughout.

Making some paint changes? White, ivory and creams are always a safe bet. Touch ups are simple, and that magic eraser doesn't rub a noticeable shade of paint color off the wall. Not only does the brightness open and freshen your space, but neutral walls match practically any and all furniture. When color and personality is focused on pops from dark wood accents, that antique rug, collected wall art and patterned throw pillows, you can easily update to-trend, or change the overall look for less.

 If Louisville house-hunting with your real estate agent for a move-in ready home, and you walked into a wood-paneled, mustard colored shag-carpet house of the 70's, would you be interested? So, before you decide on a change, always remember to ask yourself if this choice will stand the test of time.


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