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Rental Apartments Coming to Norton Commons

Will homeowners welcome renters in upscale Norton Commons?

by MIKE HALL Owner/Broker/Agent

"No maintenance living." That's part of a quote from the CEO of the Bristol Development Group when asked about opening 236 apartments at The Veranda in Louisville's Norton Commons.

The apartments, both flat and townhouses, are expected to fill up soon with a third of the apartments already spoken for. Norton Commons has more than 1,000 dwellings of nearly every type, more than 50 small businesses, and extensive green space.

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Do You Have Contractor Common Sense?

Contractors can make your dream home a reality, or turn your repairs into a nightmare.

by MIKE HALL, Broker/Owner/Agent

The driveway needs repaved. Your basement needs finishing. Your trim needs painting.

When you own a home, the list of repairs and improvements can get pretty long. Tackling those along with a 40-hour work week just isn't in the cards. Weekends should be for fun and family, not just maintaining your home.

Enter, the handy contractor. He can solve your problems and make your life easier. Or, it could turn into a downhill slide of shoddy work. Consumer Reports listed five red flags that signal a contractor could be a con artist. I agree with their assessment, so here you go (courtesy of the May 2015 issue):

  1. He just happens to be in the area.
  2. The deal good only today.
  3. You have to pay up front.
  4. He lacks professionalism.
  5. You're told your safety is at risk.

My rule of thumb, check with me. I have great contractors I trust. Or check with the Better Business Bureau before signing anyone up to care for your home.


List Then Vacation?

What seems logical may have some downsides you didn't foresee.

by MIKE HALL, Owner/Broker/Agent

Get your house on the market and get out of dodge. It may seem like the best thing to do. You'll be out of the house so potential home buyers can get it in any time. There won't be any scheduling conflicts. Your home will stay clean. It seems like a no-brainer.

Maybe not - and here's why.

It makes things go a little smoother, especially if you get an offer, if you're accessible. Like in town accessbile. Of course technology makes it easier to connect over long distances, but I still think it's in everyone's best interest if you're in Louisville.

Louisville is in the middle of a seller's market so expect to get at least one offer if not multiple offers on your home in a short period of time. With you around and available, the back and forth of it will be much easier.


Louisville Buyers May Scramble to Find Homes

Louisville housing inventory dips as selling season kicks off

by MIKE HALL, Broker/Owner/Realtor

Trying to determine who holds the power in real estate is really about numbers. The more houses on the market, the more bargaining chips a buyer has. The fewer houses on the MLS, the seller usually comes out on top.

For Louisville, we're almost at a crisis.

We only have a little over 3,000 homes for sale right now in Jefferson County, which is pretty stinking low for a market this size.

What you can do: If you're considering selling your home, now is seriously the time. Buyers don't have as much inventory from which to choose and you can possibly command a higher price or even find yourself in the midst of a bidding war. (Yes, that happens.)

If you're a buyer: Be patient. Nothing ever stays the same for long. Plus, enlist my help and we'll scour the city to find the home you're looking for.

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