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Born in the 90s, I grew up in Irvington and Rough River, Ky., where my childhood taught me invaluable lessons about not taking anything for granted. From an early age, I learned the value of hard work and self-reliance – if you want something, you have to put in the effort to achieve it. I firmly believe that regardless of your background, you have the power to shape your own destiny and become whoever you aspire to be.

My passion for architecture, design, and connecting with diverse individuals led me to delve into real estate photography and videography through my own photography business. It was a natural progression for me to transition into becoming a real estate agent, as I am deeply driven by the desire to showcase properties and assist people in realizing their real estate dreams.

Throughout my life, I've been involved in team sports and extreme activities, fostering an ambitious and determined mindset. I thrive on setting and achieving goals, always striving for tangible results. Despite this drive, my demeanor is laid-back, characterized by a calm and approachable nature. 

Family is important to me. I am blessed with a wonderful wife and two fur babies, with whom I share a passion for hiking and embarking on adventures. If asked to describe me in three words, my wife would likely say Capricorn, loyal, and ambitious – qualities that define my approach to both personal and professional endeavors. Join me on your next real estate adventure. I'll make sure your experience is a good one!

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