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Melissa RueffMelissa Rueff

Real Estate Agent

My dad regularly moved us around Kentuckiana as a child. Since we moved quite a bit, my dad knew many real estate agents. They virtually became part of our family. I remember noticing the yard signs in front of homes and trying to find the names of agents I knew.

My dad used to point out what to look for in a house and he was always talking about maintenance to keep our home in the best condition. He taught us pride in home ownership and in our neighborhoods.

I have so many fond memories and hope to help my clients create those memories for their families.

I believe buying and owning a home is the best way to invest in yourself and your loved ones. That’s why my career is so important to me.

My driven and committed attitude in negotiations will ensure you get the best price for your home. I will be your "go-to" whenever a question comes up. From our first initial conversation, I will ask you pertinent questions, give you the best advice, listen to your concerns and become a "we" team. On closing day, I hope you consider me a member of your extended family just like I did with the agents I grew up around.

I am a former teacher and property manager. I am married with two adult sons and a chihuahua. I love to walk, jog and bike to keep my mind and body sharp. I also enjoy visiting state parks and just being in nature.

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