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My name is Tammy, and if I had one word to describe my outlook on life it would be — positive! I spend every day using my energy to stay focused on my personal goals and those of my clients.

I am a natural caregiver. I spent many years in health care considering the needs of patients. In addition to that role, I am a mother, mother-in-law and, most recently, a Nana. Taking care of people is just what I do. I take care of my real estate clients in the same way I would take care of anyone else. Listening and observing is a big part of the job, but I also know when to take action to make things happen as they should.

When I am not working toward the goals of my clients, I like to run and bike as well as cook, knit, garden, watch movies and listen to music. All of these activities begin and end at home. I know the importance of having a place to land where you can do all the things you enjoy with the people you love most. I am ready to put my positive outlook and determination to work for you! I will scour the Metro to find the property you need to meet your goals whether that be buying, selling or investment. Give me a call at Red Edge today!

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