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Relocating to Louisville, KY

Cost of Living
How does my salary stack up in Louisville? 

Red Edge can make relocating to Louisville, KY easy.  We’ll arm you with information about neighborhood  personalities in and around Louisville, good deals, and home tours.

Smooth Transition

Red Edge’s philosophy on relocation is easy.  We take these steps to get you in a Louisville community that suits you.
Listen.  We need to hear what you want.  Are schools the most important factor when purchasing your home?  Do you prefer quaint older homes or do you want the convenience of a newer home?  Do you want to reside in a neighborhood or surrounded by pastures?

Offer suggestions.  Now, we can tell you about Louisville’s communities that match your needs.

Cruise the Metro.  Once you’re in town, we’ll drive you to the areas we’ve discussed.  We’ll look at a few homes, but more importantly, we want you to see our beautiful city.  We want you to be comfortable in the community you choose.

Hone in.  Lastly, we’ll get really specific in your home search.  Click on: Louisville KY MLS to search for homes.

Calculate Your Salary in Louisville
What does moving to Louisville do for my income?


Jefferson County Schools
(502) 485-3050
Find out which school your children will attend.

Jefferson County Catholic Schools

Other Area Schools
Bullitt County Schools
Nelson County Schools
Oldham County Schools
Shelby County Schools
Spencer County Schools


Louisville is also known as the City of Parks. Some most popular include Cherokee and Seneca Park, designed by famed landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted.  


Dining out in Louisville is fun, with lots of locally-owned restaurants.  Some areas of town that claim some of my favorite restaurants include Bardstown Road, Frankfort Avenue, and St. Matthews.  We also have popular chain restaurants lining Hurstbourne Lane, Shelbyville Road, Dixie Highway, and downtown. 

Local Restaurants 

Other helpful sites about living in and around Louisville, KY:

Louisville Metro
Oldham County
Bullitt County
Shelby County
Other Louisville attractions

Selling Your Home?

If you are considering selling a home in the Louisville area, contact us first to get a free valuation and market analysis.

Free Market Analysis
Our FREE service provides you with your home's current market value and suggested selling price.
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